2017 Winner


The world as I see it is divided like a chess board,

There are black pieces on one side and white pieces on the other side,

Each side of pieces wants to be better than each other instead of being equal,

Every accident is a sequel of the pieces being divided and not equal,

We thought that freedom would make us equal but one side had a different plan,

Hands up to one side means shoot him up and I can’t breathe means send him six feet underneath,

All we want to do is live in perfect unity but all we get is being killed because we are darker than the people on the other side we see,

One man had a dream for us to work as a team, but we are being treated like we are not human beings,

A mother and father whose children are alive end up seeing their children dead on Fox Five,

Why is this happening? I don’t know, I can’t seem to figure out why we can’t be equal, why can’t we all just enjoy this world that god has given us?

We will go on to try and find the answer to this mystery that we call diversity and the solution is equality.


Amauri Cowan

Center City Public Charter School, Petworth

Grade: 8




Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:


Dream for the Future:

To be a lawyer.

Inspirational Figure:

My mother