2017 Winner

Mother Africa

I’m from the dirt roads of

West Africa where people and animals

of all ages run free.

I’m from my warm house in Frafraha

Where not a single flake of snow will fall.

I’m from the small green hair salon,

Where my sister and I drink freezing cold

Super malt and pineapple Avaro

as braiders twist our hair,

I run my fingers through ‘feels like rope.’

I’m from the rough grey tyre swing

Spinning around and around.

I’m from the sound of feet jumping rope.

I’m from the land where my ancestors

Once walked.

I’m from the country of gold.

I’m from the small store with

Sweet smell of Toogbee floating in the air.

I’m from Mother Africa.


Ayorkor Laryea

Sidwell Friends School

Grade: 6




Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Everything, Everything

Dream for the Future:

To be a psychologist.

Inspirational Figure:

Noel Fisher