2017 Winner

An Elegy to Innocence

I remember

the days of freedom when

the only times I knew

were breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The sun was

the only clock we needed.


I remember

dangerous journeys down the stairs

intrigued by the glow of a screen

that my parents watched,

and confused by the beeps, not yet knowing

the Morse Code of censorship.


I remember

I trusted my friends

because why wouldn’t I?

I was what they were,

and they were what I was.

A kid.


Now I try

to remember clear skied summer days,

but they are clouded with time.

A schedule crams my head,

forcing out times

too simple.


Now I try

to remember the taste of soap

when I hear those


But my tongue is numb

to the words I never heard.


Now I try

To remember all the friends

that are no longer.

Years weigh me down, and I forget

faces, places. The times when I was

A kid.


Brian Doolan

Gonzaga College High School

Grade: 12