2017 Winner

I Love NY

rotten newspaper is greeted by a

dying cigarette butt, an ashy kiss on the asphalt as

a penny dives Down from the pockets of pedestrians

into the gutter Below

slipping out of the fingers of those desperate


black rubber casually strolls Down main street

raindrops race Down buildings, Giants held firm in storm

the wet Ground a haven for rats amongst men


a half-eaten sandwich Drops into trash


a man will eat



the city that never sleeps is a city that knows


bright lights on broadway, on rockefeller not the


skyscrapers gaze Down with a judgmental eye

rain turns to snow, most joyed

some cry freezing as death Overlooks

brooklyn bridge


raindrops torpedo Down

in the Depths of homeless homes


I love New York


Patrick Kelly

Gonzaga College High School

Grade: 12