40th Annual Parkmont Poetry Festival: Saturday, April 30, 2022.

2021 Winner

My Family is Like a Bookbag

My grandma is the big pocket —

      holding the essentials everyone needs to stay alive


My brother is the small pocket you use a minimal amount,

      where you keep small treasures like toys or your phone


My dog is the side pocket that you don’t use a lot,

      something you don’t really pay attention to, but you love


My sis is the handle that you don’t use —

      I don’t really know her like that


My dad is that one pencil you can’t find

      because he is never there


And I am the straps that hold up the bookbag —

      I’ve been through a lot, but I’m still holding on

Heaven White

Heaven White

Parkmont School

Grade: 6


Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Inspirational Figure:

My old teacher, he was like a father to me