Support the Parkmont Poetry Festival

The annual Parkmont Poetry Festival benefits hundreds of students from public, private, and charter Washington D.C. schools. The Festival is operated by Parkmont School and reflects Parkmont’s educational approach, which seeks to expand education beyond our school walls. We thank you for coming to our site to immerse yourself in poetry. Costs for operating the Festival each year are substantial, and we welcome your direct contributions to the Parkmont Poetry Festival. Your gift will support the creativity and self-expression of hundreds of DC student poets.

Help support the Parkmont Poetry Festival

Gifts in any amount welcome!
A generous matching grant will double the impact of your donation up to $10,000!

Haiku: $100 | Sonnet: $250 | Villanelle: $500 | Epic Poem: $1,000

Poetry Festival Contributors 2020-21

We thank the Friends of the Parkmont Poetry Festival for their support, enthusiasm, and guidance, and for helping to shape the future for these young poets via the Parkmont Poetry Festival.

Epic Poem Donors

Ron McClain

Jacqui Michel and David Weisman

Anne and Fred Woodworth

Villanelle Donors

Paul and Jean Gurman

Judy Lentz

Sonnet Donors

Joseph Ferber

Susan Vitale and Henry Levin

Jean and Bob Nordhaus

Kim Schraf

Haiku Donors

Shannon Burkart Morris

Harriet Patsy Davis

Rebecca Farnum

Cille Kennedy

Joseph Ross

Karen Sade

Sharan Strange

Tom and Linda Yoder

Friends of the Poetry Festival

Gigi Bradford

Hiram Larew

Fan Liang

Ayana Machen

Susan Willens

Poetry Advisory Committee

Sincere thanks for the hard work and dedication of our Poetry Advisory Committee.

Jean Gurman

Cille Kennedy

Judy Lentz

Jacqui Michel

Anne Harding Woodworth