2020 Winner

I’m Byron Watson

I am from bad attitudes and acting tough,

like a juvenile delinquent.

I am from Flint, Michigan,

the coldest place on the planet.


I am from the place where tears turn into ice cubes,

and the snow and cold wind hang around.

In Flint, where lips get stuck on frosty windows.

They tasted sour, bitter, and almost sweet.


I am from icicles all over the house.

The whole family huddled on the couch in our coats,

and snow always covering dad’s favorite car,

the Brown Bomber.


I’m from a caring mom, who hugged me,

a dorky brother, who got on my nerves,

a funny dad, who kept us smiling,

and a crybaby sister, who got all the attention,

but I love them all.


I am from Swedish Creams,

jeans and suspenders,

and visiting my grandma in Birmingham, Alabama,

where church bombs kill innocent girls,

just because they are black.


Archie (AJ) Lacey

EL Haynes PCS

Grade: 6


Washington, DC (Fort Lincoln Area)


Nashville, TN

Favorite Author or Book:

Restart by Gordon Korman

Dream for the Future:

Professional Basketball Player, Film Director and Philanthropist

Inspirational Figure:

Kobe Bryant