Poetry Festival will be held:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

2020 Winner

My Grandmother

Gone but never forgotten

Death is not the end

Her words telling me that she loves me

Her angels watching over me

As I try to comprehend


I love my grandmother

I love her so well

Her warm hugs welcome me

But now that she’s gone

My heart begins to swell


My love for her was like a pet

Always clinging to its owner

But when the owner is gone

The pet will never forget

It just waits for it to come back as the days grow older


I wish she were here

Spreading wise words in my ear

Although she has left me

She has impacted my life greatly


I wish she were here reassuring me

Telling me I’m going to be okay

Making her journey back home

As her days start to slip away


Why did you do it

Why did you do it granny

Leaving me by myself

So sad and lonely


Kimani Johnson

Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science

Grade: 8


Southeast Washington, DC


Tampa, FL

Favorite Author or Book:

My favorite author is Renee Watson, she made my favorite book This Side of Home.

Dream for the Future:

When I grow up I would like to become an environmental scientist to learn more about the changing climate.

Inspirational Figure:

My mother inspires me the most because she graduated from her colleges with high honors and raised three straight-A children.