Poetry Festival will be held:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

2020 Winner


Writer’s Block

What will I write

I’m not sure what to do

When that wall

Blocks your imagination

From going wild

From being




When you’re insecure about what school is telling you

What the other kids will say

When you feel like you are weird

And soon you believe that you are alone


And that’s weird


When you ask yourself:

Am I the only one being insecure?

And that you should follow the crowd

The trends

The popular kids

Because they seem




When you feel silenced

As if you want to SCREAM

“I’m not the weird one!”

“I want to be myself! I want to be unique! I want to be different!”

Because you see that all of the followers are




That don’t feel like they’re equal

That they’re less than the popular kids

Because the popular kids seem as if their lives are




As if they’re on a tv show

But what they don’t know about these so-called “Weirdos”

Is the “Weirdo” that isn’t wearing the “trendy” clothing

Will start the next trends

The “Weirdo” that doesn’t use social media

Will make more meaningful friendships

And the “Weirdo” that is reading alone at recess

Is learning more valuable things than petty drama

So, to all of those kids feeling insecure,

If you are being yourself you are


Already Perfect


Eleanor Hansen

Alice Deal Middle School

Grade: 6


AU Park, Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Shel Silverstein and Kate DiCamillo

Dream for the Future:

First female president on Broadway with a bestselling poetry book

Inspirational Figure:

My lovely mom and dad who made me who I am