2020 Winner

Clean My Locker?

Why do you want me to clean out my locker? I just don’t understand.

My locker is quite neat, in fact, the cleanest in the land.


So what if it takes me an hour to find the school supplies inside?

It’s not like a major problem happening worldwide!


And who cares if the pile of gunk inside has started to decompose?

It shouldn’t be a problem if the locker door is closed!


What’s the problem if there might be something growing in there?

It’s not alive and sentient . . . as far as I’m aware.


And the smell? It’s not like everyone’s barfed or anything ‘cause of the stink.

Only 12 or 13 kids have fainted so far, I think.


My locker is perfectly squeaky clean, thank you very much.

The cleanliness level of it has been drastically misjudged.


Eleanor Schneider

Georgetown Day School

Grade: 6


Silver Spring, MD


Silver Spring, MD

Favorite Author or Book:

I can’t decide!


Dream for the Future:

I aspire to be a cartoonist