Poetry Festival will be held:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

2020 Winner

Slam Poetry About Road Work

Thank you all for coming to this City Council meeting.

Today’s topic will be completing the receipt

to fill in the concrete that the streets are needing.

Sitting at the seat of District 3, I feel the heat

to complete this bill. I’ve seen it in action; these potholes kill.

But we need to assess the mess and make sure

there’s no excess in our spending.

The press is unending when they’re condescending to us,

we need our address to be best.

Councilman Cress! We still have to try to buy the supplies

so a kid doesn’t scrape his knee and cry!

So a driver doesn’t go off-road and die!

It doesn’t matter how much it costs to buy,

and that’s the reason why! Open your eyes!

I’ve opened my eyes! And by the by,

you need to get your head out of the sky!

Use your head and calculate the overhead expenses!

Until then our defense is to put up signs stating,

“Road Work Ahead!”

That will stop everyone from ending up dead!

And what if you’re wrong, Councilman Cress?

Is that your best guess to avoiding the mess

we would get into if this isn’t a success?

We’d have to confess to the press about the mess!

The stress would put this administration to a halt!

So if someone skids on the broken asphalt,

it’d be your fault!

Councilman Galt! You’re treating this problem

like it’s an assault! Pole vaulting over the arguments

I provide! It’s like you’re hiding the fact

that you want our treasury to default!

Cress! Galt! I need to establish order in this meeting,

the debate is heating, and I don’t want anyone

to be pressed into halting their best verbal assaults!

This meeting is adjourned, I hope we’ve learned

a bit more of where everyone’s concerned.

We’ll come back in fifteen minutes.


Henry Rosser

Parkmont School

Grade: 12


Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Carolyn Parkhurst, my mother. She is the one who provides the greatest inspiration for me in my writing and my life.

Dream for the Future:

I wish to become a TV writer and producer.

Inspirational Figure:

My mother, as mentioned above. Also, my father and all of my surrounding family.