2020 Winner

Light Always Finds Its Way

The world in the back of my mind has a night and day

Passed by the sun was a blue jay

Soon the moon glooms over

And the blue jay leading, sped forward

To the light that has hidden

Inside the feathers forbidden

The Phoenix revealed

The light appealed

Made day again

So I know my mind is at zen


There’s a river that flows

It appears when I doze

It’s only there on good days

When my thoughts aren’t filled with haze

When they are nice and calm

And they haven’t been bombed

Though that flow can change in an instant

And could make me very distant

I listen to the melodies in my head

And they calm the riverbeds

So the tides aren’t high

And the waves haven’t dried

So I can smile to my friends

And be happy again


The clouds are purple and pink

They match what I think

My thoughts are usually bright

and contour out the night

But the clouds are sometimes blue

It depends on my mood

Because they can become very dark

As quick as a light of a spark

That spark burns bright

And brings light back into the night

So my mind is beaming once more

And I don’t have to worry about a storm


The world in the back of my mind has a night and day

It’s a joyful world but sometimes that joy goes away

Sometimes night comes by

And the day waves goodbye

But the light always comes back

So I never feel like I lack

The happiness in my life that I need

To show how happy I can truly be

With my heart heavy in my mind

And my thoughts not going blind

The day is welcomed again

And I wave hi to my old friend


Kaya Richards-Alleyne

Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science

Grade: 8