Poetry Festival will be held:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

2022 Winner

My Version of I Dream A World

I dream a world,

Where two flowing dresses

Flow down the aisle

Like a creek flowing through trees.

I dream a world,

Where the person I love

Is also in a dark black suit

That holds all the mysteries in the world.

I dream a world,

Where families don’t look down on us

But look at us with pride

And say we look beautiful

On our very special days.

I dream a world,

Where everywhere I look there are the colors

Orange, White, and Pink,

The colors of our flag — waving through

The sky, flying, flying high.

I dream a world,

Where those colors are a meaning

And not just colors in the Rainbow.

I dream a world,

Where I can hold hands with the person

That I love and not be judged

But smiled on warmly,

By people passing by.

I dream a world,

Where I don’t have to be scared to be

Who I truly am,

Where all parents accept their children

Just the way they are.

I dream a world where love is love!

Of such a world I dream.


Giulia Guerrieri Brown

Sheridan School

Grade: 7


Friendship Heights


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

One of Us is Lying

Dream for the Future:

To be successful, happy, and to have a family

Inspirational Figure:

My teacher, Ms. Faulkner