2022 Winner

(this is a King)

I was born in DC, where gods are born.

I made this earth

I’m the flame that will control everything

and if that flame goes out, everybody will have nothing.


I have a legendary fragrance that can’t be compared

I have the warmth of a mother that can calm a newborn baby.


I am the violin that even Adam can’t touch,

the violin that is unseen to even God;

The sound of laughter that comes from me

is the sound of lyrics and a tender transparent voice.


I have been fed by a golden spoon, a diamond spoon,

but none of them fit me

I want the most valuable spoon to swallow my hunger.


I’m so smart that even the cryptic is understandable to me.

I have the birthmark of the mystical beast.


I am the king

Even if I had a king

I would not bow; I would not fall


all hail King Trus’


Trus’ Stevens

Charles Hart Middle School

Grade: 7


Shipley Park


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Patrick Washington

Dream for the Future:

To be an interior designer

Inspirational Figure:

Bunny Stevenson