2022 Winner

The Beast

A night in the forest is dangerous nowadays, though the

Animals here are not as threatening as the last

Rumors say a huge beast roams the land-full


Some say this monster is as big as the moon

Some claim bears and wolves see him and scatter off

The beast roams from January to February


Innumerable prey, even people, it stalks

People prepare for this monster with their weapons for hunting the fields

From pitchforks to torches and bats that are barbed


The boundary between the forest and the town is walled with wire

Anyone daring enough to go over comes back cast

In fear; I, for one, arm myself with all the munitions I own to fight

a monster as scary as the grim reaper’s shadow


Spencer Millien

Parkmont School

Grade: 12


Washington, DC


Washington, DC

Dream for the Future:

Creating fiction