2017 Winner


Beauty used to smile and include and be carefree

That is until smiling gave you wrinkles so it stopped.

Now beauty is only obtainable from sizes 0-2

And beauty is pain, hair removing, fat removing

Until the only thing left for losing is money and damn energy

With the magazine we’ve been perusing it’s no wonder

There’s girls that “don’t know they’re beautiful,”

More than girls that do

Never satisfied

Always competing for an unattainable prize

Contentedness has vanished

And insecurities have arrived

Now all we have is eyelash glue

To piece together our confidence

The money they’ve been making

With girls feeling degraded

How much longer can advertisements teach us how to live our lives?


Alexa Cohen

Maret School

Grade: 8


Cleveland Park


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Billy Collins

Dream for the Future:

People will be more accepting and caring toward one another. Preferably with a female president.

Inspirational Figure:

My parents