Poetry Festival will be held:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

2017 Winner

Palmeras Beach

Beautiful landscape that illuminates

my life, my black hair moving

in the wind, the green color

of the palms that inspire me.


The relaxing sound of the sea

waves, make me think of nature.

The green of the leaves of the tree,

in the harmony of colors.


What would happen if green didn’t exist?

There would be no harmony in the colors?

It would be strange to see this beach

without the green palm trees.


The beautiful reflection of the sun’s yellow

and the beautiful sunset, with that orange

and red in the sky, the night comes on there is

darkness, but know that the next day I will see

these colors, the colors of the beach palms.


Yovan Diaz

Roosevelt Senior High School

Grade: 9


16th Street, NW, the neighborhood of dreams


La Ceiba, Honduras

Favorite Author or Book:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Dream for the Future:

I want to be a doctor and singer so I can help people and make them happy with my music (voice).

Inspirational Figure:

My teacher, Mr. Czaniecki