2017 Winner

Power of the Art

Music frees us

It’s used to decorate time

But why does music nowadays fill our minds with

Gangs, drugs and hood violence


Stop encouraging the youth that violence is the truth

Making them think that everyone can make money

spittin bars in the booth

Sickening their minds making them believe

that females are bitches

And lust is a must and that she’s not worthy

if she don’t let you bust

Don’t stay out in these streets cause you ain’t

the only one packing heat

So much cruelty your closest ones would sweep

you off your feet,

Put you in that everlasting sleep and that sorrow

forever your loved ones would keep

Don’t allow anyone to impact your decisions

Cause when things get real, those people don’t

have to deal with your conditions

As the beats get better the less we listen . . . to the lyrics

And we missin the whole meaning

If we not listening to the lyrics might as well

hear some instrumentals

At least this way we wouldn’t be messin up

our mental . . .


Making us believe that we all don’t have the ability

We are all the same

Knowledge is not a gift it is something that is gained


Julissa Ortiz-Ramos

Roosevelt Senior High School

Grade: 11


Delafield Place, NW


Washington, DC

Dream for the Future:

Happiness and peace

Inspirational Figure:

My mom