Poetry Festival will be held:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

2017 Winner


Anger had fiery red hair

And obsidian black eyes

That were filled

with hot,




A single word,

Could light a fire

And that would burn down

an entire forest.


She wore a black leather jacket

And a pair of ripped-up jeans.

They kept her locked away


to be seen.


Anger could make people do things,

Things they wouldn’t normally do.

But once she got inside their heads,

She could control them.


Anger was always hidden,

But you notice her right away

She was the elephant in the room

That her hot rage

Burned down.


Anger was born from Sadness and Hate,

Who betrayed her.

And her sisters, Revenge and Passion,

Just left her behind.


Nour Burik

Sidwell Friends School

Grade: 6


Falls Church, VA


Cairo, Egypt

Favorite Author or Book:

Rick Riordan

Dream for the Future:

To become an artist or an architect at some point in my life. I hope that we find some way to live more sustainably and to solve climate change.

Inspirational Figure:

I’m not sure.