Poetry Festival will be held:

Saturday, April 27, 2024

2017 Winner

She is only a mirror

I am the mirror

They hate my personality

My skin, my hair, my body

America says I have to be pretty

I have to get perfect grades

That when I look in the mirror

I have to hate what I see

But I try to turn away

To fight for the people

To worry about what matters

America pushes my head back

And I stare at my reflection

Because who cares about the women

The children, the men who aren’t allowed to

Come here.

Because who cares about the earth,

The only place we have to live

Because who cares about the people

who just want to love

Who are forced to hide who they are

For the sake of your comfort.

They say I’m the mirror

That’s all I’ll ever be

No matter how hard I try to look away

They shove me back

But America

I will see past my own reflection

I will see the blood

I will fight for my people

I will be powerful

I will be beautiful

Because I am not your mirror.


Emma Schenbaum

Parkmont School

Grade: 10


Chevy Chase


Washington, DC

Favorite Author or Book:

Philip Pullman

Dream for the Future:

To be a writer and animal rights activist. My dream for the world is peace.

Inspirational Figure:

My mom